Benefits of Peach Kernel Oil For Your Hair

We all love peaches but did you know peach kernel oil is incredibly beneficial for your hair? With its origins dating back to China, peaches are now one of the most-loved fruits amongst different cultures worldwide. Peach kernel oil, also known as Prunus Persica in Latin, is extracted from the pit of a peach and often has a clear or light orange hue. 

So what makes peach kernel oil so great for your hair? With its lightweight consistency and application, peach kernel oil is the perfect base to mix with other natural ingredients in haircare products. There are numerous benefits of peach kernel oil for your hair. Rich in essential fatty acids, peach kernel oil is often found in shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, hair styling products, and scalp care products.  

Peach kernel oil hydrates and prevents hair breakage

Peach kernel oil is a wonderful hair emollient that promotes hair growth by moisturising and detangling your hair, as well as preventing hair breakage. Due to its lightness, peach kernel oil does not leave any greasy residue and is easy to wash off, leaving your hair silky smooth without weighing it down, which is especially important for those with thin hair. 

Peach kernel oil will leave your hair with a glossy shine, control frizz, treat split ends and define curl patterns

Coating your hair shaft with the lightweight peach kernel oil will leave a natural shine on dull, damaged hair without weighing it down. The nutrients in peach kernel oil help to protect damaged hair ends, strengthening them and soothing frizz. 

Peach kernel oil has anti-inflammatory properties to improve scalp care and dandruff removal

Rich in antioxidants (vitamins A and E), rubbing peach kernel oil to the scalp is a soothing method that helps to improve dry scalp conditions and assists with removing dandruff build up. Peach kernel oil's lightness allows for great penetration of the scalp without leaving you with feeling oily. 

Peach kernel oil acts as a protectant for your hair from harsh environmental elements

Coating your hair with peach kernel oil adds a barrier of protection from the environment such as UV, rain, and pollution while also retaining your natural hair colour or allowing dyed colour to last longer. 

Check out these products below that contain Australian Certified Organic peach kernel oil:

Peach Hair Mask - formulated to hydrate and repair dry and damaged hair in just 5 minutes, without any parabens, silicones, phthalates, or sulfates. 

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